10 Best Miter Saw Blade 2021 – Accurate, Precise, Reliable And Economical

10 Best Miter Saw Blade 2021 – Accurate, Precise, Reliable and Economical

Last updated: 11 January, 2021

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If you are a woodworker, you must require the Best Miter Saw Blade. Surely, you must have heard that: The saw is as good as its blade.

We know the dilemma you face when you go to buy a blade. Most of the blades on the market go dull, teeth break off at times and have consistency issues.

The blades that we have reviewed are a class apart. How?

Because, they will not only give you the best performance and the same cut every time you use them, but at a very reasonable price.

So, look below to find the best miter saw blade for your miter saw.

11 Best Miter Saw Blades – Performance with Reliability and Accuracy:

Cuts all kinds of wood
Makita A-93681 10-Inch – Mirror Finish, Thin Kerf With 80 Teeth

Are you looking for something that will last a long time? This 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade is the thing for you. The blade has extremely sharp teeth that give you the best cut, each time, every time.

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Anti-vibration handle
Freud 10″ X 40T Thin Kerf Premier – Anti-Vibration With Perma Shield

Want the most technologically advanced blades on the shelf? The Freud Saw Blades are the best general-purpose blades for saws on the market, as has been claimed by the company itself.

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Freud 10″ X 60T Thin Kerf – ATB Teeth, Well- Balanced With Anti-Vibration Design

Are you looking for something specifically designed to cut wood? The Thin Kerf Fine Finish Crosscut Blade of Frued provides you with fast and smooth crosscuts each time, every time.

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Anti-vibration handle
Freud D1244X Diablo 12-Inch 44 Tooth – Stabilized, Tri-Metal Shock Resistance With Thin Kerf

Finding the best Diablo blade has been made extremely easy with the Freud Saw Blades. This blade has been specially made to meet the extreme specifications and needs of the remodeling and construction business.

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IRWIN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade – Circular Saw Teeth, Fully-hardened With Heavy Gauge

Are you running on a tight budget? Is your answer yes? Still, you are not ready to settle for anything less than the best?

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Made of TiCo high density carbide
Freud 12″ X 96T Ultimate Cut-Off Blade – Perma Shield Coating, Well-Balanced With Precision

Want to get rid of the tension of sanding your cross cuts? Undoubtedly, Frued’s Ultimate Cut-Off Blade saves you from the hassle of sanding your cut. Using this blade, you get a smooth as glass finish.

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Ideal for multiple materials
Freud 10″ X 80T Ultimate Plywood – Laser-Cut, Anti-Vibration Technology At An Affordable Price

Are you in search of a versatile blade that can go with anything? Freud Saw Blades are the best. This particular blade can be used with a miter saw and table saw because of the fact that it can crosscut and RIP both.

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Large carbide teeth
Hitachi 115435 10” 60T Fine Finish – Tri-Metal Shock Resistance With Electrophoresis Coating

Do you want to have unmatched performance while doing your miter saw cuts? Equipping your saw with Hitachi’s Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade will give you a much superior performance as compared to your average blade.

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Comes with a unique 30-day limited warranty
Hitachi 725206 72-Teeth Tungsten – Sharper, Long-lasting Blade In An Economical Price

Being made of tungsten carbide, the durability on this blade is remarkable.

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Less vibration
Hitachi 115436 12” 80T – Strong, Fast, Reliable And Affordable

Hitachi has now been replaced by Metabo. You will find the same quality and functions, but with a new name.

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Carbide tips
A.G.E. Series – Heavy Miter – Laser Cut Expansion Slots, Heavy- Duty

Are you a passionate hobbyist? Do you plan to make cabinets specifically? Are you a professional woodworker?

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1. Makita A-93681 10-Inch – Mirror Finish, Thin Kerf with 80 Teeth - Cuts all kinds of wood

  • Dimensions: 12 x 11.8 x 0.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.75 Pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Makita
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Do you want precision cut after cut?

High-duty carbide goes into the making of this 10 –inch blade and has a total of 80 teeth. Moreover, the teeth are razor sharp and give precision, accuracy and neatness. The Alternate Top and Alternate Face tooth design of the blade gives you increased perfection.

Hence, this 10-inch Miter Saw Trim Blade cuts plywood, hardwood and softwood with no splintering. This, in turn, gives a very tidy look with no roughness.

Because of the carbide, each tip of the blade cuts with less effort. Moreover, it has a thin kerf of 0.091” which further helps in providing accuracy and precision. Therefore, the motor has to take less pressure.

Furthermore, it makes it excellent for cross cutting any sort of word.

Let’s talk about the tension of the blade:

Being fully hand tensioned, it will provide you a perfect cut every time.

Yes, you read that right:

Undoubtedly, when everything is done by hand, there is less chance of a mistake. Apart from this, it is fully hardened.

As a result, the blade is perfectly straight and there is no chance of crookedness.

Looks are just as important as performance:

In my opinion, the first impression is the look of the blade. With a mirror like finish, it gives a very vintage and nice look. It looks super slim because of the thin kerf.

Amazingly, the teeth are honed with almost 600 Grits which make it seem that you are looking at a mirror.

Finally, what you get apart from the features is a very unique few month warranty.

You must now be wondering what it is?

Well, you get one more month apart from the limited- warranty.

Seems interesting, doesn’t it?

Looking at the Makita A-93681 Reviews we can see that it makes a little noise while working. Unlike other blades of the same sort, it is noisy.

  • Looks nice with a mirror-finish look
  • Cuts all kinds of wood
  • 0.091” thin kerf
  • Hand tensioned
  • Warranty covered
  • Is noisy when used

2. Freud 10″ x 40T Thin Kerf Premier – Anti-Vibration with Perma Shield - Anti-vibration handle

  • Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 25 millimeters
  • weight: 1.67 Pounds
  • Brand: Freud
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What makes it different?

Well, the Freud Thin Kerf Combination Blade has the Fusion Trio technology. Special care has been given to the tooth geometry of this blade, making it multi-purpose. It involves 30degree Hi-ATB grind, that makes slicing through melamine and plywood a piece of cake.

Anyone using a miter saw must be knowing that some materials like plywood and melamine usually have a higher chance of tear-out. You get no tear out if you use this blade.

On the other hand, polished cross cuts are delivered because of the double sided grind design.

Lastly, you have the Axial Shear Face Grind.

You must be wondering how the Axial Shear Face Grind works?

Well, it makes it super easy to cut through sheet goods and wood.

As a result, you can use this one particular blade from the start till the end of your project. You will not have to change blades for ripping or crosscutting. You can easily perform both tasks with this blade.

What is such a strong blade made up of?

Clearly, a blade that provides so much, has to be very strong. High-density TiCo carbide is used in making each tip of the blade. Moreover, the 40 teeth have a thin kerf of 0.091” which gives a very fine and precise cut every time you use it.

Not only this, but each tip also has a red Perma shield that reduces friction to almost zero and does not let any built-up occur.

If we look at it this way, build-up does not seem much of a problem. But in the long run, build up almost always leads to extra pressure on the saw and reduces its precision and life manifold.

As if this was not enough:

It has been designed very uniquely to reduce the vibration of the blade to almost zero. According to the Freud P410T Review, the vibration quotient of the blade is very less than the other blades in the market.

As for me, I think that no one will want a blade that lags.

Hopefully, you also agree with me.

With so many features, the life of the blade increases manifold. Consequently, you get precision, accuracy, smoothness and flawlessness with every cut of this blade.

Most people wonder which is better. The Freud P410 VS P410T, the P410T is an upgraded version of the P410. Moreover, the outstanding feature is that it is much quieter than the one before.

  • Thin kerf 0.091
  • Perma-shield
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Fusion Trio Technology
  • Upgraded version of P410
  • Teeth chip off

3. Freud 10″ x 60T Thin Kerf – ATB Teeth, Well- Balanced with Anti-Vibration Design - Anti-vibration

  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Number of teeth: 60
  • Brand: Freud
  • Color: Multi
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Where does the blade derive its powers from?

As a rule, when something is made of the best materials, it delivers the best quality. Same is the case with this blade. It has been made with TiCo High density carbide.

As if that was not enough, very strong tungsten carbide is used instead of just any other carbide. For this reason, the blade is able to maintain a consistently sharp edge and is very hard.

Consequently, it gives precise cuts every time.

Moreover, it decreases corrosion and offers heat resistance giving more edge to the blade.

Thinking of undertaking tougher jobs?

Go for it:

With this blade, you do not need to worry about stability and flatness. It is laser cut, therefore it provides all these features.

Moreover, it is anti-vibration, meaning that it produces less vibration while working. As a result of less vibration, you also get less noise.

It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

You do not always use a saw under perfect conditions. The red Perma Shield is a non-stick coating that reduces the friction manifold. It also protects the tabletop because of its full thermal insulation.

The teeth are sharper than the average teeth of the blade. The Thin Kerf adds to the whole process of increased precision and smoother cuts. Therefore, you get a lesser mess.

The gap between the teeth of the blade is wider. Generally, you have to get them sharp less and later as compared to other blades. That, in turn, saves you money because it prolongs the life of the blade.

Moreover, a thin kerf of 0.090” makes the cut more precise and accurate and gives you smoother cuts.

What can it be used for?

Well, this Freud Saw Blade is excellent for ripping hardwood and softwood which are 1/2 to 2-3/4 inches thick. Likewise, the results are outstanding when used with plywood and crosscutting simple wood.

Last but not least:

You get to rip through laminates and chipboards alike.

The Perma Shield also acts as a lubricating material.

Looking at the Freud LU88R010 Reviews, we see that many people are satisfied and happy with this technology. Moreover, they agree that because of it the blade spins freely without creating pressure on the saw.

It also acts as a cover from debris and dirt. The shield does not let a pitch build-up occur.

  • Perma shield
  • Thin Kerf 0.090”
  • Anti-vibration
  • Heat-resistant
  • Cuts hardwood, softwood, laminate, plywood etc
  • Poor quality

4. Freud D1244X Diablo 12-Inch 44 Tooth – Stabilized, Tri-Metal Shock Resistance with Thin Kerf - Anti-vibration handle

  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 13.2 x 0.2 inches
  • Number of teeth: 44
  • Weight: 0.4 Pounds
  • Color: Red
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Clean, accurate cuts are the need of the day:

Woodworking is all about those accurate cuts, finesse and neat looks.

Indeed, anyone who has worked with wood knows that splintering and roughness are the biggest problems you can face. Thus, the 12-Inch 44 Tooth ATB General Purpose Miter Saw Blade by Freud has been made to curtail this problem.

It can be used for many purposes, especially for working with pine-wood, oak, beams and pressure-treated lumber.

Although, this is more than enough still, it can RIP and cross cut in hardwood and softwood alike.

Amazing, isn’t it?

You get versatility at its peak with this blade:

As a result, you do not need to change blades for different tasks. One blade is enough from the start of your project till the end. It is a truly versatile blade and can be used for all purposes.

Want a smooth, noise-free cut?

The blade has 40 ATB teeth, which are laser cut to give you accuracy, precision and smoothness. Furthermore, the thin kerf of 0.98” helps to maximize the efficiency of your work.

Despite such a featured blade, the noise quotient of the blade is minimized.  Moreover, looking at the Freud D1244X Reviews I have concluded that the people who have used it vouch for working in a relaxed environment.

The reason being increased ease of feed. Consequently, you complete a task in less time.

Another added feature is:

The laser cut stabilizer vents reduce vibration. As a result, they further reduce noise. When the vents produce less vibration during the work, the work environment becomes pleasant.

Moreover, there is no strain on your arms or neck. In short, the blade is very user-friendly.

Thus, keeping in mind all these features, it is very evident that it is designed for precision and durability. Wear and tear is at a minimum because of the TiCo High Density Carbide formula used in its making.

Also, it lets the blade remain sharp 4 times more than the average blade.

Secondly, the Perma Shield coating acts as a lubricant around the blade and saves it from heat and corrosion.

Being versatile, it can be used with both saws and miter saws.

  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Made of shock-resistant carbide
  • Is quieter as compared to other blades
  • Can be used on multiple wood and wood products
  • Can crosscut and RIP both
  • Does not cut smoothly

5. IRWIN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade – Circular Saw Teeth, Fully-hardened with Heavy Gauge - Affordable

  • Dimensions: 12 x 11.4 x 0.1 inches
  • Number of teeth: 180
  • Weight: 1.25 Pounds
  • Brand: Irwin Tools
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Being extremely affordable and versatile, this blade is the need of the day for people who want to go for affordability.


Understandably, the first thing that comes to mind when you look at an affordable product is the quality. But, that is not the case with the IRWIN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade. Being made of very high quality steel comprising of heavy-duty steel.

Therefore, it is very powerful and strong. Moreover, it has a whopping 180 teeth.

Yes, you read that right:

180 steel teeth are what you get when you go for this Classic Series Miter Saw Blade.

Do you want to have accurate and unique cuts?

Because of the high number of teeth, you will get precision and accuracy when you cut. Cutting through anything with this bad boy is just a piece of cake.

Additionally, it has a thin kerf of 0.09” which not only reduces the waste being produced, but increases the accuracy of the cut.

Moreover, it adds to the speed of the blade.

Apart from all this, the teeth of the blade have been specially hardened. As a result of which they are more durable.

Most of the people know that wood is not the only material that a miter saw can cut. If you are looking for more variety and plan to cut metal sheets, look no further.

Because, this is the blade for you.

Best of all, all these features ensure that your cut is soft and accurate. The 10” blade penetrates very softly, and gives accuracy even for cutting angular cuts.

Additionally, it has a 5/8” arbor size that makes changing the blade very easy and simple.

Looking at the Irwin 11870 Reviews we see that it is highly recommended by the people who have used it because of its affordable price and amazing features.

  • Affordable
  • Made of heavy, high quality steel
  • Durable
  • Thin kerf of 0.09”
  • Cleaner cuts
  • A little slow

6. Freud 12″ x 96T Ultimate Cut-Off Blade – Perma Shield Coating, Well-Balanced with Precision - Made of TiCo high density carbide

  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Number of teeth: 96
  • Brand: Freud
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Material: Blend
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What makes it so unique?

Each one of the 96 teeth has a side grinding system. As a result of which the teeth actually end up polishing the material as they cut it.

Moreover, the blade is made of high density TiCo Carbide. Hence, Freud Saw Blades are a class apart when it comes to durability and precision.

Also, the teeth face both left and right. This unique design makes both cutting hardwood and softwoods very simple. Not only that, it is excellent for general use.

It is because of the positioning of the teeth that you get a perfect finish and need no sanding the final cut.

Coming to the materials it can cut:

According to the Freud LU85R012 Reviews, the blade is perfect for cross cutting ¼ to 1 5/8” wood. Likewise, it gives best results when cutting plywood and chipboard that is less than 1” in thickness.

As if that was not enough:

The blade is very versatile. It can not only cross cut but, can RIP laminate and wood also.

Want to work under heavier load?

Well, no problem.

This blade is already pretensioned and precision cut to provide you with a strength unmatched by any other blade. That is, it can cut better under pressure and the cut remains true and accurate.

As if that was not enough:

It has anti-vibration slots which reduce the noise of the blade while working. For me, that was one of the best features. As the constant noise of the blades leads to headache.

Best of all, the fact that it is laser cut means there is no questioning the stability, flatness and trueness of the blade. Furthermore, this eliminates the need to have additional stabilizers to stable the blade.

Without a doubt, the Perma-shield technology reduces heat buildup by reducing friction. Moreover, it also gives complete thermal insulation. Also, it reduces blade drag and pitch buildup.

Doesn’t seem much, does it?

This is where you are wrong. Pitch build-up is a fact that is overlooked by even the professionals. It deteriorates the performance and life of the blade a lot. This blade has a very unique coating that simply doesn’t let pitch build up.

  • No pitch buildup
  • Made of TiCo high density carbide
  • No stabilizers needed
  • Perma shield coating
  • Unique teeth design polished material as it cuts
  • Inferior cut surfaces

7. Freud 10″ x 80T Ultimate Plywood – Laser-Cut, Anti-Vibration Technology at an Affordable Price - Ideal for multiple materials

  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Number of teeth: 180
  • Brand: Freud
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
  • Color: Multi
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No ordinary material has been used in making it. TiCo high density carbide has been used which gives it the strength required to cut to perfection.

Moreover, you get a flawless finish as well as a sharper edge to the blade. This in return not only increases the performance of the blade, but extends the life of the blade manifold.

Furthermore, its anti-vibration design reduces the vibration of the blade and makes it more stable.

You must now be wondering how the stability of the blade is related to the performance?

Well, it is very closely related.

Understandably, the more stable the blade is, the more precision you will get. Besides this, the pressure on your arm and neck decreases because of a stable blade and working becomes easier.

The sideways movement of the blade is eliminated because of the anti-vibration technology. Consequently, you get a cut that is quite and smooth.

We do not realize how much noise affects our cutting ability until we go noise-free. Looking at the Freud LU80R010 Review by different people, we can see how this statement holds true. People feel that their performance increased because of the quietness of the blade.

So many features make it the Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade. Using it, you will get the best cuts in Chipboard, plywood, Veneered plywood, Laminate and Melamine up to a depth of 1/4th” till a maximum of 1 5/8th”.

How boring will it be to get the perfect cut, but with splinters?

The Hi ATB tooth design lets you get splinter free cuts every time.

Overall, the Freud blades are cut by lasers and pre tensioned. This allows that every blade is the same and the body of the blade is perfect. Also, the fact that it is cut by lasers lets the bodies be made of very high steel (40 – 45 RC).

Interestingly, the teeth and body of the blade have been connected via the tri-metal brazing technique. You get layers of copper between the layers of silver alloy.

As a result, you get more flexibility and precision.

Lastly, the Perma shield coating not only reduces the drag on the blade, but also protects it from pitch build up and corrosion.

  • Strong with a max RPM of 7000
  • Ideal for multiple materials
  • Versatile
  • Tri metal brazing technique
  • Hi ATB tooth design
  • It loses teeth while sharpening

8. Hitachi 115435 10” 60T Fine Finish – Tri-Metal Shock Resistance with Electrophoresis Coating - Large carbide teeth

  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Number of teeth: 60
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
  • Brand: Metabo HPT
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Why is that so?

Well, it has been made with the top quality steel that increases the durability of the blade. Moreover, when you have a durable blade, it will last longer and save you money.

Many times, people look for doing several different types of cuts with one blade.

To think of it, who wouldn’t want one blade that can perform several functions?

Undoubtedly, this blade is ideal for performing several cuts on different materials. For instance, it can rip, cross cut and even perform miter cuts.

Versatile, isn’t it?

Moreover, it can work on plywood, MDF, softwood, lumber and even solid wood.

Because of the unique laser cut expansion slots, there is no vibration when the blade works. As a result, there is no pressure on your arm or hand or neck. Consequently, it leads to a better work environment.

Who does not like to do noise-free work?

Generally, I have yet to come across a person that likes to work with a loud saw.

Hopefully, you also agree. Most people look for quieter options and this blade is just the thing for such people.

According to the Hitachi 115435 Review, we can see that people also agree to this statement. Because of the anti-vibration nature of the blade, it even produces less noise.

Clearly, when there is less vibration there will be less noise.

The Hitachi 115435 Specs include 5/8” arbor for easy changing of the blade, Large micro grain carbide teeth for easy sharpening, 0.094” thin kerf and a strong RPM of 5,800.

The best thing about it is that it has shock resistance brazing. As a result of which you can literally throw any sort of material at it and it will cut it with full force. Moreover, it can easily withstand extreme impact.

Additionally, this blade is resistant to corrosion. That is due to the fact that it has an electrophoresis coating which makes it ideal to use in any condition.

Say bye-bye to rust:

No need to bother about rust if you do not plan to use your blade for a long duration of time. It has been made as such that it is resistant to rust and environmental wear and tear.

  • Laser cut expansion slots
  • Electrophoresis coating which protects the blade against rust
  • Large carbide teeth
  • 5.800 RPM
  • Tri-metal shock resistant brazing
  • Affordable
  • It tends to get dull faster than others

9. Hitachi 725206 72-Teeth Tungsten – Sharper, Long-lasting Blade in an Economical Price - Comes with a unique 30-day limited warranty

  • Dimensions: 0.4 x 11.4 x 13.4 inches
  • Number of Teeth: 72
  • Brand: Metabo HPT
  • Weight: 1.73 pounds
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Undoubtedly, this feature makes it perfect for being used with a miter saw. Moreover, the carbide gives you a smoother tip of the blade. Because of which, the 72-Teeth Tungsten Carbide Tipped is excellent if you require a very sharp blade.

How beneficial is a sharp blade for you?

Generally, the sharper the blade, the better the cut. In fact, splintering also decreases with the sharpness of the blade and the cut is smoother.

The sheer number of teeth are enough to cut smooth finishes on decorative moldings, veneer, soft and hardwood floors, laminates.

Furthermore, the 10 inch diameter of the blade is perfect for cutting with precision and accuracy.

Versatile, isn’t it?

Moreover, the fact that it has carbide teeth with the alternate top bevel feature makes it resistant to years of use. As a matter of fact, the quality and performance of the blade do not decrease over time drastically,

Consequently, it outlives the blades of its quality.

You know what?

By now you must be knowing that while using a saw for cutting any sort of wood, the worst fear is to cause splintering. That is because of the nature of the wood itself.

Looking at the Hitachi 725206 Review, I concluded that people who have used this blade are extremely happy with the fact that not only does it reduce splintering but has eliminated it.

Yes, you read that right:

Not only splintering, there is no tearing of wood either.

Are you looking for something to make those cabinets?

Look no more.

Because, this is the blade for you. Making those tough cabinets becomes so simple if you have this blade. The tough carbide results in the precision and accuracy that goes into making those small and large cabinets.

Afraid that the blade will not come up to your requirements?

One added feature that I liked best about this blade is that Hitachi offers a limited 30-day warranty.

So, if you think that the blade will not perform according to your standards, do not worry. You can always return it within the time frame.

  • It is ideal for making cabinets
  • Comes with a unique 30-day limited warranty
  • 72 teeth
  • 5/8-inch arbor
  • Accurate and precise cuts
  • Becomes dull after a period of time

10. Hitachi 115436 12” 80T – Strong, Fast, Reliable and Affordable - Less vibration

  • Dimensions: 14.57 x 0.33 x 15.16 inches
  • Brand: Metabo HPT
  • Number of teeth: 80
  • Weight: 2.43 Pounds
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Are you looking for something unique?

The 80T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade from Hitachi is a class apart.

Interestingly, it is made up of Japanese high quality steel. Furthermore, the steel has been laser cut which enhances the performance of the blade.

Not only that, it adds to the precision and neatness of the cuts.

This in turn makes the blade ideal for different types of dry wood applications. For instance, ripping, crosscutting and even miter cuts.

Yes, all of these can be done with one blade only:

Surely, gone are the days when you needed different blades for different cuts. Now, all you need is this blade and you are good to go.

Therefore, cutting softwood, hardwood, plywood, lumber and even MDF is very easy.

I was amazed by the thought that has gone into the making of this blade. Each tip has been welded on each tooth of the blade with the help of computerized technology.

As a result of which the exactness of the blade is maintained.

Furthermore, each tip has been grinded automatically to increase the performance and life of the blade.

Not a regular user? Do you only take out your saw for particular projects?

Have it your own way:

According to the Hitachi 115436 Review by various people, I have come to the conclusion that almost all of them agree that even if they do not use the blade for months at a time or even for a year or more, it does not rust.

The reason being, the electrophoresis coating. This coating is a state-of-the-art coating which is rust free. It does not let the blade rust even when it is not being used for a longer period of time.

Are you tired of the constant noise of the saw?

Laser-cut expansion slots reduce vibration manifold.

Hence, you will not feel any pressure on your arms or neck while working.

Moreover, once the vibration decreases, the noise quotient of the blade also decreases. As noise is a byproduct of vibration.

Also, it has a thin kerf of 0.110”. Overall, it adds to the precision, accuracy, smoothness and finesse of the blade.

Lastly, the tri-metal shock resistant brazing technique allows the blade to resist extreme pressure.

In a nutshell, we can say that this blade will handle whatever you throw at it:

To add to all this, it is very economical.

  • Thin kerf 0.110”
  • Tri-metal shock resistant brazing technique
  • Less vibration
  • Less Noise
  • Electrophoresis coating
  • Wobbles while using
  • Becomes dull soon

11. A.G.E. Series – Heavy Miter – Laser Cut Expansion Slots, Heavy- Duty - Carbide tips

  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 13.2 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight: 0.01 Pounds
  • Number of teeth: 100
  • Brand: A.G.E. Series by Amana Tool
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Even if you answer yes to any one of the above questions, this blade is just the thing for you. Moreover, you get so much versatility at a very affordable price. As a result, you will get professional quality cuts at a very reasonable price.

With this blade, you will get industrial quality performance at an affordable price.

What more can one want?

Well, you do get more.

The Laser Cut Expansion Slots are an amazing feature for any blade. It is obvious that you do not always work with a saw under perfect conditions.

At times you have to work in scorching heat also. At other times, you work in colder conditions.

This blade is made of high-quality carbide. As we all know, carbide tends to expand and contract.

Now, what the laser cut slots do is that it gives a cushion to the blade for expanding and contracting without affecting the overall performance.

Consequently, it prevents warpage on the blade.

According to the A.G.E. MD12-106 Review, it is best for millwork shops and making picture frames.

Furthermore, this blade can be used in a miter box. Also, it is perfect single and double miter saws.

You must now be wondering what else it can be used with:

Well, it is perfect for cross cutting wood, chipboard, plastic, MDF, and veneered plywood.

On the contrary, it cannot be used to cut any non-ferrous metal.

The sheer number of teeth give so much accuracy and precision to the blade that it makes it one of the best in the market.

All 100 teeth on the blade have been designed with precision and have laser cut technology and are stiffer. Hence, they provide burr-free cuts each time, every time.

Who will not want a gap-free miter?

That is exactly what you will get with this. The tight side clearance along with the minimal run- out provide a perfect miter without any gap cut after cut.

All in all, this is the blade to buy if you are looking for quality, precision, accuracy and smoothness.


It is imperative to use eye protection and machine guards when you are using this blade.

  • Laser cut expansion slots
  • Carbide tips
  • 100 teeth
  • Affordable
  • Can be used in single and double miter saws both
  • Teeth break off sometimes

Buying Guide

Obviously, a blade is such a thing that you can’t go into a shop and just buy the first one you see. Even if you ask the shopkeeper to give you the best blade he has, still you will not get the one you require. As every person has a different definition of the best.

Therefore, you need to know what you want. That needs to be clear in your mind. Following are a few questions that you need to answer before going to buy a blade for your miter saw.

  • Are you a professional woodworker?

  • Or a DIY enthusiast?

  • Are you looking for making cabinets specifically?

Furthermore, you need to narrow down your options by answering the following questions:

  • What type of saw will the blade go in? There are some blades out there that are specifically designed for a particular type of saw. Therefore, you need to have the right blade.

  • What will you be cutting? Clearly, if you want to cut only one type of material for example wood, you can buy a specialized blade for that purpose. On the other hand, if you want to cut multiple materials you need to keep a track of the best blade for multi-purpose use.

  • What cut will you be making? Having a rough idea about the cuts you will be performing will make it clear what type of blade you should buy. Will it only be used for ripping? Or only for cross cutting?

  • Do you want one blade that does it all or do you want different blades for different cuts? This is a very important point to ponder upon. There are some people who are willing to make a whole collection of blades. Whereas, some people prefer to have one blade that can do all the cuts. You need to be clear in your mind whether you are willing to change the blade every time.

  • What size is recommended by the manufacturer? Most of the times, the saw you have already has it specified what sort of blade is compatible with it. Therefore, it is imperative to get that particular blade. In this case, any other blade will not work for you

Answering these questions will clarify the best options available to you.

To know what to look for in the blade further, you need to read on.

What Size Blade Do You Need to Buy?

Obviously, I know that if I am a size 12 a sit 6 will not fit me. It will be my stupidity to try to fit in that.

Therefore, you need to know what size your saw is. Only then can you go and buy a blade which is compatible with your saw. Sometimes you can use a 10” blade in a 12” saw. Certainly, you will not get the desired results.

There are 4 standard sizes of a blade. Namely,

  • 7.5”

  • 8.5”

  • 10”

  • 12”

It is very important to use the blade which goes with your saw.

What a waste of time and effort if you go home and realize your blade does not fit your saw?

So, you need to be sure what size blade is needed.

What Should Your Blade Be Made of?

A very important thing to know is the material of the blade you are going to buy.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Blades are made of different materials. For example:

  • Carbide.

  • TiCo High density carbide.

  • Steel.

  • Aluminum.

  • Industrial Diamond Finish.

A point to remember is that:

Blades made of steel are expensive. But, they dull very quickly.

On the other hand, you will get carbide made blades in the same price as steel made one, but they are more durable and do not dull with time.

Blades made of industrial diamond finish are perfect for masonry and ceramic tiling.

Therefore, you need to know what your personal requirements are.

How Thick Is the Blade Supposed to Be?

As a rule of thumb:

The thicker the blade is, the slower it will be.

On the other hand, the thinner the blade is, the finer the cut will be.

Generally, this rule does apply but, it also depends on the material that needs to be cut. If you plan to cut metal, of course you will do well with a thicker blade. Because, you require more power to cut metal as compared to wood.

Thinner blades are best for cutting wood as they are smoother and faster. On the other hand, thicker blades are used to cut plastic and metal materials.

How Many Teeth Should My Blade Be Having?

In general, blades with a higher number of teeth cut smoother and precise. Opposite to this, a blade with less teeth removes the material faster.

If you prefer to have larger cuts, you should go for a miter saw blade that has fewer teeth. A blade can have 24 to more than 120 teeth. It all depends on what cut you are going to make, what material you are cutting and what finish you want on your final product.

Furthermore, the shape and the way how teeth on the blade are placed is also very important. There are a few different ways for the configuration of the teeth on the blade is very important in determining what the blade will be best for.

There are 4 types of blade configurations. For Example,

  • Flattop (FT).

  • Combination Tool (Comb).

  • Alternate Top Bevel (ATB).

  • Hi Alternate Top Bevel (Hi-ATB).

  • Triple Chip Grind.

Do I Need a Miter Saw Blade Guard?

Undoubtedly, the answer is a straightforward yes.

Why is that so?

Well, the reason is obvious. A blade guard gives you protection from the blade.

How would they like to have their hands chopped off while working?

Obviously not me. Neither do you.

Hence, the guard is very important to have when you are going to buy a saw blade.

The guard will protect you 4 ways from accidents. It protects you from the rear, from above, left and right. You will not come in accidental contact with the blade from these 4 sides and you will remain protected.

Are you Interested to Know Some Tips and Tricks for The Best Miter Saw Cut?

  • You need to wait for the blade to reach full speed: When the blade starts, it will give you a startling noise. Do not lower the blade as soon as you start it. Wait for a few seconds and let it reach maximum speed. Then lower the blade and get to work.

  • Use shims to ease your work.

  • Carry it by the base.

  • Try to position the miter saw dust downwards: you need to be sure that the dust bag is properly fixed to get the best cut as dust is a hindrance while you work.

Other features to look for are as follows:

  • Tri-metal shock resistance technology.

  • Pre tensioned blades.

  • Electrophoresis coating.

  • Thin Kerf.

  • Laser cut expansion slots.

  • Perma Shield coating.


Are table saw blades and miter saw blades one and the same thing?

Yes and no. If you want to change them, you can use it for a table saw too. But, the table saw blades generally have less teeth as compared to the miter saw blade.

Are more teeth on a saw better?

Generally, it is assumed that the more teeth there are, the better the blade will work. But, it depends on the material you are about the cut.

Moreover, more teeth mean a smoother cut. On the other hand, few teeth mean a faster cut.

So, it depends on your preference.

When should I change the blade of my miter saw?

When you think that you are pushing the blade with effort, it means that you need to change your blade.

Is sharpening the blade of any use or should I go for a new one?

Over a period of time, the blade does become dull. Now, every time you can’t go and buy a new blade. So, there is an option of sharpening the blade. It not only gives you a better cut, but also saves money in the long run.

How do you change the blade on a miter saw?

First, you need to rotate the blade guard. Secondly, press the spindle lock to fully lock the spindle and remove the blade.

Last but not least:

Replacing the blade is the opposite of removing it.

Can you use a miter saw blade to cut metal?

Yes. You can use a miter saw blade to cut metal only if the blade is appropriate. Mostly, you should use the blade to cut steel and aluminum from the family of metals.

You need the Best Miter Saw Blade if you want the best cuts on your wood materials.

Everyone knows that wood workers need a high-quality blade to get the best cuts.

It is imperative to know what job you will do with the blade. Only after that, can you decide which blade is the best for you.

By following our detailed buyers guide, you will surely end up buying the best blade for your miter saw.

Furthermore, we have provided you with a detailed review of the 11 Best Miter Saw Blades out there in the market. Plus, only those blades have been included that are cost-effective as well as giving the highest quality.

Happy Shopping!




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